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HIV Community Planning Group
Medical Care Development, Inc.
11 Parkwood Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330
Tel: (207) 622-7566, ext. 233
TTY: (207) 622-1209
Fax: (207) 622-3616

ME HIV CPG  - Community Plan
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2: Structure and Function of Maine's CPG

Procedures for Conducting Business
Collaboration With Other Organizations 
Profile of Maine Community Planning Group 
Membership Analysis 
Co-Chair Profiles 
Ensuring Community Input 
Orientation of New Members

Chapter 3: Prioritized Populations

Chapter 4: Characteristics of Effective HIV Prevention Interventions

Information about Effective HIV Prevention Interventions
Ways to Access Behavioral Science Information and Models 
Fundamental Criteria for Interventions
The Taxonomy

Chapter 5: Maine HIV/AIDS Epidemiologic Profile for 1998 

Maine Demographic Characteristics 
Rural  vs. Urban Residence
Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and Language
Socioeconomic Characteristics
HIV/AIDS in Maine
Sources of Information about HIV and AIDS in Maine
HIV Data
Other Sources of HIV/AIDS Data
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Other Than HIV

Chapter 6: The CPG Statewide Needs Assessment

Chapter 7: Priority Population Descriptions and Prioritized Interventions

Prioritizing Interventions
Step One: Determining and Prioritizing Needs
Step Two: Gap Analysis
Population Descriptions, Needs, Interventions and Linkages
Males Who Have Sex with Males
Women At Risk
Injection Drug Users
People of Color
Youth at Risk
Other Populations with Special Needs

Chapter 8: Conclusion


1. CPG By-Laws
2. List of HIV-Related Resources in Maine
3. Summary of the CPG Needs Assessment

4. Training Materials:  Prioritizing Interventions
5. Evaluation Materials

6. Membership List
7. Feedback Form

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